The One that Got Away

RAF SIMONS sample sale in Antwerp. Are you kidding me. 

I must go, the flights are ridiculously expensive and the kids need picking up from school. Sorry kids but I must see Raf and buy some archive pieces that I can't afford. I can't remember when my fascination started but I think it was around 2001, when I moved to London with my then girlfriend, the bright lights and the big city drawer was too much, the designer clothes, luxury events. It was a fashion boys dream!!! and we really lived the dream. 

My first Raf Simons purchase was sweatshirt, it was an accessible price point and just beautiful, I still keep it safe and wear on the odd occasion to this day. It was a charcoal grey with graphic patches of the same grey, giving you the mix of texture, tone and statement! classic Raf as I've come to learn. my collection came to grow from suits, shirts, tees, sneakers, coats and The Book - RAF SIMONS REDUX

The classic aesthetic always with a twist an edge, these were not just items of clothes but pieces of art and I LOVE the attention to detail on the elaborate pieces to the cleaner pieces. Everything has a purpose, a meaning, a quality that no-one will replicate.

Nothing would stop me going to the sale but alas reality kicks in, the expensive flights, accommodation, and medical appointments scheduled on the day I wanted to travel  not forgetting my responsibilty as a parent. I couldn't go, I needed (I thought) to go to this appointment with the NHS you never know when you might get another one. so it was a choice between health and RAF.

Sadly Health won!

Devastated is an understatement so I get out my Raf clothes and wear them proudly/sadly knowing that I missed a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Antwerp will have to wait, but my love for RAF SIMONS continues.