London Fashion Awards 2018

The idea was simple, fix up, look sharp, and enjoy the event.

We attended the London Fashion Awards 2018 at the Royal Albert Hall. Even though we were not part of the A list set with the grand steps and THE Red carpet it was incredible to see. We were seated at door 3 which was not as glamorous but we were greeted also with red carpet and photo op which was a hive of activity. The sparkle shining off the flash photography was blinding.

It was everything you could expect. The A list celebs were on the tables by the stage, we were a couple of tiers up, and had an exceptional view of everything going on. The outfits on some of the attendees were stunning, the women were glamorous, the men dapper, tux’s, velvet suits, it was impressive. 

The awards are celebration of not just London or British fashion, it was a celebration FASHION. 

There were awards for the most iconic designers in Dame Vivienne Westwood, and awards for new emerging talents. The whole reason for the event was to support the next generation of designers/creators and to build for the future. This was visible in the range of people in the audience, from A list celebrities to students from fashion schools, it felt inclusive to all levels of the industry. 

We need to keep inspiring and supporting the next wave of talent…

To understand a little more about what the British Fashion Council can do for you, click on the link here. There are many other organisations that can support you to help follow your dream. And if you need support please contact BFC or contact me.

The party season is well under way and you don’t have to dress head to toe glamour. The Tuxedo is a classic piece so by adding your personal style to the garments and building your confidence you can create something traditional feel modern and elevated. Play with textures, have fun and just be yourself. I love the idea of dressing up.  I wore a Cos Tuxedo style suit with classic white shirt, Dior Homme bow tie, which I actually wore for my wedding 12 years ago, Zara shoes with high patent gloss and black faux mohair details. I then added my touch, my rings which added the final twist to my uniform, and I felt good. You don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve the look you want, mixing and matching different styles and brands will elevate any look. 

The fashion and Christmas season is in full effect and we cannot wait to get dressed up even if its just popping to the club. 


Fix up look sharp!! 

Beautiful wife wearing  Halston

Beautiful wife wearing Halston