S T Y L I N G .

Are you just a little curious about the latest trends, chunky sneakers,

destructed denim oversized tees and layering pieces? Me too.

With over 20 years experience in fashion and Retail in positions such as Visual Stylist for Liberty, Director of Concepts at Gap and most recently Senior Director of Strategy and Operations for Tiffany in New York. My career has been progressing with increasing responsibility and sophistication, characterised by theoretical and practical application in brand development and visual styling.

a man has to present an image to the world
— Mary Emma Fitzgerald

We will discuss your aims, desires over a coffee, or something stronger if you wish. (I have a very good friend who makes the the most delightful cocktails) I feel this is a good way to connect, relax and understand where we are both coming from. You see, I treat this approach as if I’m shopping with friends. It’s the ice breaking technique so we can find out a bit more about you. What are you hoping to achieve or do you just not have the time to shop.

Pure selvaged denim

Pure selvaged denim

O N E .

With any project you need to do some research. I will collate the information shared and build your very own board with styles, colours and clothing that I believe will suit your needs. Identify brands and styles within your agreed budget.

T W O .

We then go shopping and bring this concept to life. I find this to be a great option if you have time because the spontaneous element of finding that one key piece you may never have considered pops up and completely transforms your look online is great for shopping and I love it but you cannot beat the experience of going into a store chatting with retail associates and actually building connections.

T H R E E .

The alternative is I take the hard work out of it and shop for you. We will then work on the looks in our next meeting where it’s more relaxed. We can style you at your own pace without being rushed, flustered or frustrated as shopping can be an incredible experience when done correctly.

Ultimately, we want you to feel good about yourself. We are here to support your fashion needs or just to chat about upcoming trends, events or maybe you have a specific occasion that you may need support with.

To find out more and pricing please contact me below.


We are currently looking at the option of subscriptions with member receiving monthly trend advice, insights into new collections and much, much more. let us know via the contact button if you would be interested.